Another Garage Con Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a cost to pre-register?

A: No! We do not require prepayment with pre-registration. See the Registration page for more information!

Q: Where do the convention fees go?

A: The admission costs allow us to cover the rental cost of the facility as well as prize support for the events. Trust us, we are NOT making any money on this! We are doing this out of a love for the game of Battletech in all its forms and a desire to see it continue and grow. And, most importantly, to have fun!

Q: Why the relocation to Texas this year?

A: Scheduling problems prevented us from being able to rent the room in Norman that we used last year, and we were unable to locate a suitable facility close by for a reasonable cost. Fortunately, Karl Pajak stepped up and offered to secure this facility for us. We are considering in the future holding two Another Garage Cons, one in the fall in Texas and one in the spring in Oklahoma. Consider this a test run...

Q: Is this going to be an official Catalyst Game Labs Demo Team event?

A: Even though some our Another Garage Con staff are Catalyst Demo Team members, and there will likely be other CDT members there, this is NOT an "official" event... yet!

Q: If I am attending Another Garage Con what do I need to bring?

A: We encourage players attending Another Garage Con to bring their own miniatures, dice, and pencils. For those of you participating in Iron Painter Battletech, make sure to bring a primed, unpainted Battletech miniature. Please feel free to bring your own paints and brushes, though supplies of each will be made available. For any event requiring Record Sheets, an official Record Sheet will be provided by the staff member running the event.

Q: What about food and drink?

A: The Plano Convention Center does not allow food or drink to be brought into their facility. We have therefore scheduled breaks during the day so that AGC perticipants can go and get food and drink from the numerous establishments in the area. The AGC staff apologizes in advance for any inconvenience. We also request that absolutely no firearms or or other weapons, or illegal substances be brought into any Another Garage Con event space.

Q: Why the change to pre-generated forces instead of "bring your own" for the main events?

A: Two factors contributed to this decision. First, as of yet, there is no "official" Battle Value 2 listing for all units, so it would have been nearly impossible to have balanced units if everyone is working from differing lists. Second, we wanted to make the selection of prizes for the players a little more fair, as we felt this became a little unbalanced last year.. That is why two of the main events are being run as "You kill it, you keep it" events. We feel this gives everyone an equal chance to share in the prizes.

When and Where?

Come and Join Us!

Saturday, November 7th, 2009
8:00AM until 11:00PM

Fairview Room
Plano Convention Center
2000 East Spring Creek Parkway
Plano, TX

Plano Convention Center Information