All players please read the Main Event Rules before proceeding!!!!!

Main Event: Pearl of Great Price

Luthien. The capitol world of the Combine has been under the domineering thumb of the Word Of Blake for over four years. The few loyal forces left on world have banded together to strike back at the Blakists any way they can. Now another power has come... and they will stop at nothing to grasp the Black Pearl.

Situational Overview

Outskirts of Luthien City
Luthien, Blake Protectorate
16 December 3075

Blakist forces have been redeploying across Luthien, weakening reserves and garrisons alike. The Luthien resistance has marshalled their strength to hit the Blakists hard, striking at a warehouse and repair complex. That's when they find out why the defenses have become so thin. The Ghost Bears have come to Luthien and they will destroy the Blakists and anyone else who may get in their way, asking no quarter, and giving none.

9-12 Player Slots Available


Players will roll as if for initiative; highest roll gets to choose which of the three sides they will play (Word Of Blake, Resistance or Ghost Bear) and will randomly select a force from the predesignated forces for that side. Once all forces for one side have been chosen, all remaining players will choose from the forces remaining on the other two sides.

Each Player will be operating 2-3 units, with each player's force being similar in Battle Value.

Special Rules

Movement dice and fire declaration chits will be used.

Initative: Initiative will be handled using a modified "playing card" system. Each player will be assigned a playing card. These cards will be shuffled each turn and flipped face up one at a time. The player represented by that card must move all their controlled units at that time.

Fire Declaration: Fire declaration will be in the reverse order of card initiative, i.e. the person who moved last declares fire first, by placing a fire declaration chit adjacent to the unit they are firing at. Any subsequent units targeting that unit will put their firing chits on top of that firing chit. Firing will be resolved in the order the chits are stacked.

This game will be a "you kill it, you keep it" game. The player who does the damage that reaches the kill conditions established in Total Warfare™ will be given the unit they have killed as their prize. If a unit is destroyed by something other than opposing player action (i.e.falling damage kills a pilot or triggers an ammunition explosion), that destroyed unit will be awarded to the opposing side to be given as a prize at the end of the game to one of its players by mutual decision of his teammates.

When and Where?

Come and Join Us!

Saturday, November 7th, 2009
8:00AM until 11:00PM

Fairview Room
Plano Convention Center
2000 East Spring Creek Parkway
Plano, TX

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